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9 June 2022

Top 10 beaches in Bali

Bests places in Paradise, Bali is one of the most popular destination in the World, the island known as the land thousands Gods also have thousands beaches
It’s also a surfers paradise with the best surf spot that can be found mostly on the southern coast and around bukit peninsula. To help you in your search for the most beautiful beaches in Bali here is
Our TOP 10 beaches in Bali

  1. Bingin Beach
  2. Dreamland Beach
  3. Uluwatu Beach
  4. Padang padang Beach
  5. Kuta Beach
  6. Balangan Beach
  7. Nusa Dua Beach
  8. Jimbaran Beach
  9. Melasti Beach
  10. Amed Beach

1. Bingin Beach : Best to enjoy the view, the mood and surfing
Located in the south of Bali , Bingin beach is one of the stunning beach in bukit peninsula with unrivalled views over the indian ocean, and the great wave that make it one of the most beautiful beach.
it’s one of Bali’s popular surf spot, the wave here are big, and powerful it’s bring challenging to the surfer.
To get there you will have to walk down some narrow alleyways, a difficult walk over uneven rock most of people will agree it is well worth the effort, from there your eyes will catch to the incredible ocean views. If you are not a surfing the sensational reef break bingin offers a treat for photographer or
those simply looking for a place to relax and take in the exotic sunsets.For the overall atmosphere and the view Bingin is without hesitation my favorite one …

2. Dreamland Beach : Best for surfing, sunbathing, sunset point
Dreamland Beach is beautiful panoramic coral beach appointed as best surfing point in Bali located in Uluwatu.
This beach also known as New Kuta Beach offer extended 100 meters stretch of clean and soft white sand, bright sunlight with blue sky and impressive blue ocean with fantastic wave appropriate for surfing.
Due to the beach wave are big, its suitable for experimented surfers. Therefore, high wave attracted many international pro surfers.
If you are not a good swimmer this beach are not suitable for you as high wave are required advance skill to swim on this beach.
And if you are not a surfer, this beach are perfect for sunbathing and chill.
Looking for drink or food? There are many cafes open on the beach.
If you are visiting the beach in late afternoon, and the weather are clear, you will able to see one of the most fantastic sunset view that will offer you a romantic environment.

3. Uluwatu Beach : Best for the sunset point, chill in Single fin, surfing
You’ll probably know about uluwatu beach, this place are popular for the surfers and party.
The stunning setting of Uluwatu Beach, along with its beautiful sunset, makes this place where everyone will feel welcome.
The only way to get to Uluwatu Beach is by a precipitous staircase set into a rock. Once you are down on the beach you’ll instantly know that effort was worthwhile.
Have your lunch break up to the cliff to one of the restaurant that looks out over the ocean. The combination of good food and spectacular views.
Order a fresh beer or a cocktails and enjoy the music and the mood in Single Fin to see a magical sunsets that blaze across the sky.

4. Padang-padang beach : Best for surfing and chill
The access to padang padang beach have to get through to a step path and little line way cave, keep an eye to your belonging because a groups of monkey love to steal them.
You will fall i love to this beach cos the calm cove-like waters rolling off the bright white bay, frame by dramatic rock formation and border by world class wave.
Padang padang is relatively small beach about 10 minutes North Uluwatu.
The setting is simple amazing.

5. Kuta Beach : best for surfing, sunbathing, massage down the beach, sunset point
Kuta Beach is famous Beach located in southern of Bali. white and grey sand attracted by domestic and international tourism. Kuta Beach simply choose a spot for sunbathing, enjoy a beach massage, paddle out from the shore, or see a magical sunsets.
Kuta Beach has a small army of locals who selling cold drinks, fresh fruits, towels, sarong and many others thinks …
This beach are perfect beach for surf beginner, the waves are small and constante.
Can’t surfing? And want to know how? Don’t worry it’s so easy to find surfing instructors who will happy to teach you how to surf and rent you a board.
Kuta Beach vocal point is it’s central section, called ‘Halfway’ from here you only need to cross to jalan pantai to Kuta Beachwalk the premier modern shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

6. Balangan Beach: Best for surfing and sunbathing
Located in southern of Bali on the Bukit Peninsula, Balangan beach is best known amongst the island’s surfing crowds and those who looking for a laid back beach experience without the throng of touristic beach club.
This place are still fairly under developed with just few local warung that cooked homemade nasi goreng or mie goreng.
Get relax or chit chat to the peoples while enjoy your meal and have a fresh drink..

7. Nusa dua Beach : best for bicycling and jogging, family friendly beach
Nusa dua beach is a famous beach located by resort and restaurant complex .This beaches are impeccable clean and the water are calm, the shoreline is family-friendly with lots of restaurants or shopping complex.
This tourism complex, is home to the world class five stars hotels which are International chain.
Lots of activity you can do at nusa dua such as jogging, bicycling, surfing, volleyball… Also this family friendly shoreline is great place to take your little one in the stoller to enjoy the area.
Chill out in one of restaurant, have a seat in the chair or in one of beanbags, order one or two cocktails while watching your kids running around by the beach and enjoy the sunsets goes down.

8. Jimbaran bay : best for seafood sunsets
Jimbaran beach and jimbaran bay located on Bali’s southern coast. The beach connecting to Bali mainland and the Bukit peninsula.
Most people known Jimbaran as the island of seafood hub. When you walking down to the beach you will find a number of beachfront barbeque dotted along the coastline
Jimbaran also well known as the spot where local fishermen sell their fresh fish from the net every morning at the traditional seafood market.
If you a seafood lover jimbaran are the recommended place to visit. Booked your table for family, friends or for romantic seafood dinner head to the bay before dark and choose your ocean treats from the display, to devour just a few minutes later, enjoy your meals till the sunsets.
If you want to have other experience to eat freshness fish in your life – buy the fish at the traditional fish market in the day time, choose your favourite seafood and grill to one of the local restaurant for you.
There aren’t a fancy kitchen, there aren’t beach front view but from it you will have what it is a first hand cultural in Bali. And it is a great option if you are on budget.

9. Melasti Beach : Best for swim and enjoy the crystal clear the ocean
If you’re looking for cleared water and the best beach in Bali than melasti beach is your destination. As you head down to the beach the drive is super amazing. Before head down make sure to pull over to one of the view point to take a shot from above of the turquoise waters.
Apart of other beaches, melasti beach was the clearest beach in Bali. you will surprisingly how beautiful the sand is and how crystal clear the waters. The beach is a kids friendly as the water was really calm and not to deep.
if you are looking for a chilled day with family and friends than melati beach is a killer spot.
As reminder don’t forget to bring your googles, as you will capture the nemo and friends hiding between the rock.

10. Amed : best for snorkeling, diving and enjoy mountains view
If you love underwater life so put in your list your next vacation to Amed.
Its location on Bali eastern shoreline, amed beach in Bali was once best known as traditional salt farming.
After its beautiful underwater trove was unveiled, with an historical shipwreck adding to its beautiful features, Amed Beach become a favourite among divers.
To dive in, start out the sea in the early morning aboard traditional outriggers.The teeming marine life here includes various tropical fish, rays shark and vibrant coral garden.
As you finish your day out in underwater, loosen up with a traditional Balinese massage.

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