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7 June 2022

Balinese dances and traditions

In Bali the dance or rather the dances because there are more than 50 different traditional dances in Bali characterize the Balinese culture. Almost every village has its own dance troupe and orchestra, Bali has several hundred dance schools across the island and the learning of dances is done from an early age. All dances have a name: Kecak, Barong, Topeng, Pendet. Each dance tells a story, it can be about princesses, gods, but also demons, or warriors. All these legends come from the Hindu epic Ramayana. Many times before their performance, the dancers pray in their family sanctuaries invoking the sacred “gods”

The traditional movements are performed with the legs half bent and the torso on one side, the arms moving in symmetry with the rest of the body.
There are many performances including the Barong dance or the fire dance and the Ramayana ballet are some of the famous performances in Bali. At Uluwatu temple you will have the opportunity to watch a Kecak dance performance, which tells the epic of the Ramayana.
The Balinese New Year

unilbalivilla-article-blog-nyepi day

unilbalivilla-article-blog-nyepi day


The evening before the Balinese New Year, takes place the ritual Bhuta Yajna. You can admire the inhabitants shown in the streets the Ogoh-Ogoh, large scary statues made of papier-mâché. They parade in the streets with music in a friendly atmosphere. It is an atypical and traditional event not to be missed
The next day is Nyepi, the day of silence and the transition to the Balinese New Year begins.

The island stops living for 24 hours. Total silence must be respected on the whole island. The day is reserved for meditation and the demons must not see humans outside or see them, which imposes certain restrictions as well as for tourists: little visible light, no work, no entertainment, no travel; and, for some people, fasting and total silence.



Bali Island of offerings :

During your stay in Bali, you will have the opportunity to discover all over the island offerings that characterize the life of Balinese and is part of the Hindu culture. You can find them everywhere On the ground, in cars, on the sand, in front of a store, on the road and even in the water …. These are made from banana or palm leaves, and are filled with flowers, incense sticks, rice, and food. These are called “Segehan” and are offered to the demons, in order to keep them away but also to celebrate the gods and thank them and the ancestors.

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