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29 April 2019

The Bali spirit

Festivals & Events in Bali
Everything you need to know about Bali: 
The diverse culture of Bali is expression in Art, Dance, Cuisine, and multitude of festival and event. 

The “Bali Spirit” is the coordination of mind and heart within each person, it bring the person to the self.
Each of us must think and emote good feelings to others.
They believed in “KARMA” which is mean the result of a person’s  actions as well as the actions themselves. it is a term about the cycle of cause and effect.
All the area in Indonesia have their own unique tradition and each tradition, there will be culture and art that also follow. Culture and art actually can not be divided from each other.
The culture always contain an art that resemble that are very well.
And in every art there’s always touch of culture.

What make Bali Culture so Unique,
Bali has rich vibran of arts various form of dance, music, architecture and food have made Bali’s art and culture the most diverse in the world.

The Balinese celebrate life through ceremony, and daily ritual.
This bright and richy cultural ceremonies are some key factors that attract visitors to come and pay visit to the historical of Indonesia Island.
Any visitor who spends more than a few days on the island will be certain to see kind of temple festival, colourful procession, or ritual.
Nyepi, Galungan,and Kuningan as well as odalan  are some of the three most important and biggest religious ceremonies in Bali.
The ceremony dates vary every year, following the Balinese “saka” calendar.

NYEPI-”Day Of Silence
Nyepi is Balinese “Day of silence” or new year day for Balinese. Despite for mostly country celebrated new year with joy full of party,  Balinese Hindus do not celebrate the coming of new year of saka with lavish party. they celebrated with meditation instead. No activity are allowed to take place this mandatory religious. prohibitions include no entertainment or pleasure, no traveling, no traffic, no fire/light, and no work. The effect of this prohibitions is that Bali’s usually bustling streets and the roads are empty,
Bali Airport are close. the only people to be seen outside are the pecalang, traditional Balinese security.
it’s ultimately the quietest day of the year. start from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning.

The night before Nyepi is the most exciting and spectacular time for Balinese people its called “Pengerupukan” a celebration day before nyepi day, where the street full of ogoh-ogoh carnival, a procession where local’s parade creatively by making demonic statues made of bamboo and paper symbolising negative element or malevolent spirit.
All villagers will participate in the ceremony to rid their home of the evil spirits and get them away from their lives.
The parade of statues begins between 7 p.m and 9 p.m, The ritual ends by burning the ogoh-ogoh’ in cemetary to symbolize that the evil spirit are driven away

Galungan is a big & happy celebration for Balinese where people connect with God, eat good Balinese food and dress up in traditional clothes to visit the temples and their families.
On galungan day Balinese make offering, decorate their houses and temples.
The whole family is usually gathered and pray visit temple together.

Traditionally Galungan sees the slaughtering as a pigs for communal feast, as well as baking traditional rice cake and erecting iconic ‘penjor’ bamboo poles.

The most noticeable characteristic of Galungan is the decoration is called ‘penjor’  naturally curve at the top, comprise harvest such as rice, fruits, seeds tubers, coconut leaves and coconut which represent the content of nature. The men of the household gate on the eve, resulting in impressive view throughout all village roads.

The day after Galungan is called
Manis Galungan, it’s the day to remember the joy of Galungan, Balinese usually go visiting their relatives or spent time with family.Kuningan,
Is ten day after Galungan indicated the end of Galungan celebration.
The Balinese believed that kuningan day is the day when their ancestor return to heaven after visiting the earth during galungan celebration.They make offering to be given to their ancestors on their farewell day. the offering include yellow rice. yellow rice is a symbol of human gratitude toward god for all the life, joy, wealth, health, and prosperity given.

I is also that on kuningan day God will blessed and giving prosperity to the whole world.and the celebration should be done before afternoon, the time before God and Goddess return to the heaven to continue their asceticism.

Odalan is when each temple in Bali they celebrated their anniversary ceremony.
Odalan in pura usually calculated based on the Balinese calendar is every 210 days. its one of important Hindu rituals conducted by Balinese people to ensure the spiritual harmony.
Odalan has great philosophical meaning that remind us of where we come from and the balance of the universe and its contents to the ceremonies and offerings.
As in every ceremony in Bali is to maintain the natural balance of positive and negative, so the Balinese not destroy the negative but to make it balance.
A smaller odalan for the house temple will take a days, for village temple will last about 3 days, while an important one though the festivities at bigger temple can go for a week or even a month.
Since Bali has a thousands of temples, several odalan are celebrated almost everyday.
the celebration rituals are called Dewa Yadnya, includes procession, decoration of village temple, entertainment and dancing. the village community pools its resources and observes it together.

A good or grand odalan will have entertainments everyday and everynight. while this entertainment are for the Gods the people are also entertained.
it’s a good moment to socialising, to catch up with friends and family who lives away from their home.

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