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9 June 2022

Top culinary specialties of Bali

The local Indonesian cuisine is varied, rich, surprising and delicious and as “the journey begins in the plate” we have selected the list of our favorite warungs of Bali.

The most popular dish is the nasi goreng : fried rice with eggs, small pieces of meat and vegetables, or instead of meat, shrimp.

To taste also other Indonesian or Balinese cooking specialties, a first list to be tested absolutely during your next trip:

  • Urab :A tasty mixture of coconut, beans or other vegetables finely chopped and flavored with spices and chilies. Typical Balinese dish.
  • Ayam batutu: grilled stuffed chicken with vegetables, tapioca and coconut. Specialty of Bali.
  • Bebek batutu : A tasty Balinese speciality of duck. Stuffed and stewed for a long time in a banana leaf.
  • Babi guling : It is a stuffed pig roasted on a spit. It is mostly found in Bali, the rest of the archipelago being mostly Muslim.
  • Sate ayam : The main dish . These are strips of chicken marinated in amixture of ginger, tumeric, lemongrass and oil. They are then cook over charcoal and served with a sauce made of penauts and coconut milk

Of course you ask yourself the question Where to taste the local cuisine in Bali ?
The best and most economical way is to eat in the Warungs

What is a Warung ?
In Bali the term warung refers to a small street food shop, usually a small family business. Warungs are the best places to taste typical dishes, at low prices!

Here is the lost of the best warungs in Bali Just for you ! 

Bingin Beach 

  • Ombak warung 
  • kelly’s warung 

On the roadside between bingin and Uluwatu :

  • Yeye’s Warung  


  • Uluwatu warung bejama


  • Warung murah
  • Sulawesi
  • Sobat
  • Bu mi
  • Dandelion ithaka


  • Nia
  • Bernadette


  • Warung kecil 
  • Made weti
  • Mak beng 
  • Belissimo


  • D’waroeng 
  • Bintang


  • Nikmat
  • Damar
  • Indonesia
  • Murah


  • warung satria

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