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7 June 2022

My Favorite Surf Spots in Bali

Bali is a vacation destination where surfing is amazing .

On the island of the Gods the landscapes are beautiful, the color and the temperature of the water a real pleasure.

Each spot has its own atmosphere, xether you are a beginner, intermadiate or experienced , you wiil find a spot adapted to your leverlMy favorite spots are mainly in the south of the island of bali in the Bukit region where the most famous spot is Uluwatu beach.

If you want to surf on mythical waves do not hesitate and go for your next holiday  in Bali.

Found mainly in the southe of the island of Bali  in the Bukit region where the mots famous spot is of course Uluwatu

My top of the best surf spots in  South Bali

    1. Green ball beach
    2. Dreamland beach
    3. Bingin beach
    4. Uluwatu Beach
    5. Balangan beach
    6. Padang beach
    7. Impossible beach


If you are a confirmed surfer my advice is to go to Green Ball beach you will have more than a hundred steps to go down before arriving on a small beach surrounded by caves, a great surf spot : remember to plan food and water because the beach is still wild.

If you fancy a wide sandy beach then head to Dreamaland Beach, located between the beaches of Bingin and Balangan. When the swell is not too strong as the waves break on the sand even beginners can start and when the waves are strong the beach is very pleasant to enjoy the show on the water of experienced surfers.

Bingin beach is a great spot and when the tide is high both beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy it. The atmosphere in Bingin is cool and you can enjoy a drink on one of the terraces hanging from the cliff or at the end of the day eat grilled fish on one of the table set up on  the beach.

Uluwatu Beach is located at the south-western tip of Bukit. It is one of the most famous spots in Bali . It is a spot that is suitable for all levels when the tide is high but only for experienced surfers at low tide.

If you are a beginner surfer you can also start the beaches between Canggu and Kuta, these are comfortable spots the waves are often  small.

You can easily rent boards directly on the beaches and it’s not very expensive, for example for one hour of surfing 100000 Idr which is about 7,5$. Renting a board in the bordhops according to the duration of your stay will be more expensive but if you go surfing regularly.

Because the water is very hot use hot water wax, otherwise it is very possible that the wax will melt. So to surf in the best conditions, remember to equip yourself well. Either the short edge, the tee-shirt for my part to limit the risk of scratches on the reef, I use a wetsuit, and whatever the chosen outfit, don’t forget the sunscreen. So be careful with the reef if this happens to you you must clean and remove all the small pieces of coral. To allow the healing process to take place, avoid going in the water.

As in any country, there are different seasons, during the dry season from May to October I advise you to go surfing on the southwest coast of Bali, because the winds and waves are better than in the north of Bali. From November to April it is wetter and warmer but the heavy rains that could disrupt your sessions usually concentrate between January and February.

The turquoise waters of Bali will please you, Uluwatu is a must-see spot where many people dream of going, if you have the opportunity to stay.  Enjoy your trip !

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